Create a beautiful and relaxing environment that you can enjoy for a lifetime with our louvered roof pergola or standard pergola systems

You can control your comfort with the simple touch of a button. Each patio cover is custom engineered, designed and installed on your home or business and can be constructed either as an attached structure or as a freestanding unit.

With a wide range of size options, our louvered roof pergolas can fit almost any area imaginable regardless of how large or small.  Each of our pergolas have three standard color options to choose from: taupe, white, and dark bronze as well as more than 75 custom color choices for an additional fee.

Our louvered roof pergolas have been hurricane approved (up to 180 mph or a category 4 hurricane)

They have also been engineered for snow loads up to 80 pounds per square foot.  Each unit is motorized allowing the louvers to open and let the sun in, as well as close for shade and rain protection. Best of all, our products are ALL MADE IN THE USA!

Benefits of our Louvered Pergola
• Lowers patio and deck temperatures by 15-20 degrees
• Controls the amount of sun, shade or light into your home
• Protects your patio and deck furniture
• Remote controlled motorized operation is standard
• Easily install outdoor ceiling fans or lighting
• Add value to your home and aesthetic appeal
• Allows for cooling through ventilation of air flow
• Creates a beautiful backyard oasis of shade
• It is 98% waterproof
• Manufactured and designed to withstand high winds, rain, hail, snow, sleet and the hot scorching sun.
• Completely designed with recycled Extruded Aluminum.
• 100% manufactured in the USA by Cardinal Architectural of Louisville, Kentucky.